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Thursday, September 29, 2011

All Your Love - Siti Nurhaliza album review

Before you read this review, please be aware that I am a self-proclaimed Siti semi-hardcore fan so a little bias is to be expected here and there :). However, truth be told this is her first album I have purchased (finally rich enough to afford one :D).

Anyway, I'll start the review with my overall impression of the album; A solid album with a few nice songs and a few bad ones. The lyrics are really PG-rated. Or even safer. Parents need not be afraid of those explicit words here.

Pronunciation-wise, I think it’s very acceptable. I get what she’s saying most of the times although there are awkward moments (especially with words which end with R) but not enough to bother me. Living in the UK, I have met many whose pronunciation is much worse.
Vocally, I think she is playing safe here. Sure, there are some high notes here and there but I honestly believe she’s capable of doing much more. There’s very few showings of her (luscious, warm and rich) low notes and I was seriously disappointed by this. Give me one song which showcase her lower range and I’ll give this album a 5-star! I mean, seriously. Find any (good and capable) singers out there and I am sure there will be able to hit some pretty nice high notes but there’s very few which can produce such warm low notes. Oh well, I hope her next project will take this into account. Her high notes are fine (albeit a little too thin for me) but still beautiful nonetheless. I love her falsetto. They have this floating-out-of-nowhere quality. Yeah.. Reminds me of the soprano Leontyne Price a little but I think that is too far-stretched. Let’s just say that they are nice .

Overall rating: if this is just another artist, 3-stars would have sufficed but since this is SITI I gave it 4-stars. 5-stars rating would requires the following thins:
Make full use of Siti’s range (not just the higher one), be more specific (the song selections is too all over the place for me. So much that listening to the whole album doesn’t feel like it’s from one album. Experimental is the word perhaps?) and less of those trying-to-be-catchy-with-repetitive-lyrics songs (Yes, the majority of the hits are of this kind but look at Adele. None of the Umbrella-ella-ella stuff but still a worldwide hit).

Individual song reviews:
All Your Love: Nice processing. Love all layering done especially at the chorus part. Not my kind of song nonetheless. She is too talented to be singing this. I bet singing this song is just like talking for her.

Nobody Else: Nothing special. How did this song make its way to the final selection, I have no idea. Siti’s way of saying “same” kind of sticks out but that’s just me.

Tonight: Upon hearing the intro, almost pressed skip but boy am I glad that I didn’t. Was afraid that it’s gonna be a confused-song. You know, songs that are too Malay-ish that the only thing that’s English is the lyrics. I have no idea how to explain this so just pretend you understand. Can almost hear her desperation here. By this time, I am craving for any emotions from her voice. It is THAT lacking. Normally her Malay albums would have tonnes(or tons ) of them by the 3rd track .

All Over Again : This song is nice enough that I can stand not to press the skip button. Nice melody and lyrics. I guess it’s one of those tried-and-true things for album fillers? Whatever it is, it worked for me.

I’ll Wait Forever: Make this the next single. Pleaseeeeeee.. Yes, it’s one of those songs with repetitive lyrics but then again (sadly) it is also one of the best songs on the album. Nice beat, compatible voices with just enough of Siti-essence here. Still not a valid song to showcase her talent though. By now I know that I kinda stopped hoping to hear a long beautiful vocal-run from her.

Falling In Love: Heard this a long time ago. So long that I forgot my initial impressions. Go youtube this and listen to it yourself. A valid single I guess. Intrigued me enough to make me wait for the whole album.

I Cry Out: A BALLAD! Thought I would never find one in this album after those streaks of upbeat songs. I am still confused on this song. Have no idea whether I like it or not. Had one of those I-think-I’ve-heard-this-before moments when I heard this song but I can’t quite figure out what song was my mind referring to.

Fight for Love: I want to not like this song…. but it’s just too happy that I can’t help but sing along. It sounds like a marching song to me. Nice vocals from Siti here. A valid candidate for a single.

Stand Up: Another ballad. The sounds of the wind is VERY good. Hearing this through my speakers (Harman Kardon Soundsticks) really justified the price of the speakers(not that its that expensive. Haha) LOW NOTES! Finally, a glimpse into her lower range and a little vocal-run. A very brief one though.
Remember You: Sean Kingston? Seriously? Was that really necessary? I don’t think Siti’s fan will care whether it’s featuring Sean or just anybody else. And it is highly unlikely that Sean’s fans will purchase the album just cause of this one song. All that aside, I actually like this song. I think this song have the most Siti-esque in it. Those “Remember you~~ Remember you~” at 2:53 to 3:10 is just so Siti. <3

Conclusion: Lots of passable songs but I know give more time Siti can improve and incorporate way more of her style into these songs making them way more special and memorable. I highly recommend Siti making acoustic covers and posting them on youtube. Or even release them as a new edition perhaps? Honestly, there is just not enough Siti-flavour in this album. I demand more!

“Peace no war. “- peace sign ala Siti 

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life.. so far :)

Assalamualaikum WBT,
Life has been wonderful these past few months. If it continues to be this way, I dare to say that the lyrics of the new World Cup anthem will also apply to me haha.. You know the part "When I get older, I will be stronger.." thingy.. Somehow I find the song VERY inspiring hahaha.. Perhaps its the extra testosterone or something but that is how I feel right now haha..

Hmm, what should I post first? Err, lets do this chronologically lah..
First, I got a work at a bank.. I applied on February and durang called on the day before the first of April. Actually, I planned to work from February till May saja so bila durang offered the contract I was a bit hesitant to accept it. Tapi durang gitau we can terminate the contract anytime as long as kami bagi a 24-hours notice.

Tapi aku notify my supervisors like 2-weeks in advanced haha.. Sampai annoyed durang balik-balik aku mengira berapa hari aku kan beranti.. Aku beranti atu bukan pasal ngalih or cannot cope with the workload, tapi the primary reason is pasal I want to study for the upcoming STEP exams. Gila, it costs my sister $270 so I don't think I should take it lightly haha.. And the pay is way too low. You know, the other temporary workers dalam batch ku kan semuanya keraja durang very specific. Some do filing, some answer calls, some buat stamping and etc.. You get the idea, most of the time they only do one or two tasks wah.. But me on the other hand, kana suruh buat kan semua lah except things that involved accessing the system. Atu pun pasal userID ku kana delete pasal inactive.

I helped with the filing, answering calls, making calls, preparing agreements, attending customers, photocopying as well as jadi interoffice postboy hahaha.. And sama jua gajiku sama durang, inda jua adil tu! Hmmm, tapi aku balas dendam dengan cara akhir datang and awal balik lah haha.. Office hours start at 830 wah, and aku biasanya datang 8.45 to 930 haha.. I don't see the use of coming early pasal the seniors makan breakfast for like 30mins in the morning and I can't eat breakfast pasal of my IBS. And and and, durang inda pernah marahi aku pasal akhir ani cause if ku datang awal then awal tia siap kajaku and they won't have anything to suruh aku buat. Kalau nada kerajaku balik th ku tu hahahaha..

OK, so I quit my work on 6th of May 2010. At least I get to put something under the Employment section arah my CV! Woohoo! And tadi aku keluarkan gaji untuk lanja Dino and Heng dimsum.. And have to give $100 to my brother for his birthday. Bertuah adiku ani, duitnya betimbun arah bank. Macam inda ku pecaya wah atu accountnya haha.. Inda apalah, janji ia inda menjurit and mengusut malam-malam arah bilikku pasal speaker lagi syukur tah.. And adiku bini-bini lagi minta balikan headphone. Anak buahku yang manja minta bawa main ke arcade, bali baju sama almari baju lagi. Kan bagi parents lagi and bali hadiah untuk mother's day! hahahahaa, aku rasa tinggal $50 saja ni ujung-ujungnya untuk aku.. Tapi oklah, janji happy :)

And and and, I am also teaching tuition! Ada kawanku ani (yang gajinya $1000+!!!) punya manager suruh aku ngajar anaknya. Oklah, pasal once a week and $10 per hour. Guess subject apa ku ajar? PHYSICS yo! hahahaha, tapi you know what.. I am starting to actually like physics. I took my time understanding each topic and I find that they are not really that difficult. Had I spent more time for Physics during my A-Level course, I am pretty sure I can score better grade. Hahaha, inda bersyukur :D

Then I got two awards at the MD Academic Award ceremony 2010. One for Top Overall Achiever for A-Level and Top Scorer for Computing. It was quite boring and I lost $25 for attending it. Hmm, inda apalah.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. At least betambah jua sijil ku.. BTW, for this event aku dapat 2 sijil. Add one for my BCTA and I have collected 3 certs in April.

Then then then, you remember the HSBC competition that we joined? Yeah, we lost hahaha... But we still got $100(which we spent for today's BBQ.. Yes, all of it) and certs for it. So thats 4 certs for me, yeay!

Lapas atu, ada lagi the Brilliance award. Finally, I got one! hahaha.. But its the minor one. I only managed Top in Brunei for Computing. Pfft, all A in my modules and still only top in Brunei? This is really really disappointing.. But again, Alhamdulillah :) Yang siuknya, I got 2 certs for one award! One from the MoE and another one, which I loveeeee, is from University of Cambridge! It looks like our statement of results but ofcourse with different wording.. Suka ku eh! hahaha..
So, thats 6 certs for me!

Then today, ada majlis Anugerah Pelajar-Pelajar Cemerlang. I got one award, Pelajar Cemerlang peringkat Negara. And for this event, I was not only participating as a 'mere' participant aahaha.. I was asked to write and give out a speech IN MALAY as a representative of all the recipients! ahaha, I know.. Crap right? But thats not the worst part.. I was chosen because I was the first student in the Peringkat Negara recipients (I was the 26th BTW) who is a Malay, Muslim, Bruneian and is from a government school.. Hahaha, I know.. These reasons sounds very racist and sort of promotes discrimination. I tried to reason with the highest authoritative figure that I know, why I should not be the one to be the 'wakil' and so on.

But then, she explained to me their reasons. While they still doesn't sounds right to me, I guess their concerns are as valid as mine. However, I cannot share them with you all cause I don't think its suitable for public consumption :P And I am not planning to disclose them to anyone anytime soon, so back off people! hahaha.. Soo, since I was just a small part in a huge plan, I don't think I have any rights to disturb the grand plan and to cause more headache to the organizers, I decided to just play along and put my reputation at risk (hahaha, but this is VERY true.)

So, I spent like 15mins to write up a crappy speech. I tried very hard to inspire and I think my desperation comes across crystal clear to the audience haha.. Submitted it to the principal for adjustments and she promised to email me the edited version.

I waited until the rehearsal day and still no email. Sekali masa rehearsal barutah ia bagi and then ia gtau ia jarang pakai email :S She should've just said so wah, inda jua ku tertunggu-tunggu. Ish ish.. Ilang tia sikit respect ku nah.

I was very nervous about the speech cause the audiencenya all the top students of Brunei and also ALL of the top officials in Emm-Ooo-Eee.. I tried to sound as enthusiastic and convincing as possible. But err, I don't think I did well. I mean, the Menteri did clap his hands after my speech so did the audience but I think all that is out of pity HAHAHA... But at least everything was going as planned. When I walked down from the stage, the promoter said "Excellent! Well done!" and that was the first feedback which did make me feel a LOT better and it made me feels good for the rest of the day. ahahahaha.. Then, as I walked to my seat, some shook my hands and said "Congratulations".. Hmm, Bruneians are so nice, hahaha..

Eh, I think I should share more about my feeling masa on the stage. I am pretty sure that our very own Aizuddin will have his very own version of this paragraph pasal he also gave a speech in front of the Menteri in PTEM. Ohh, SMB must've been so proud of us! hahaha, dua orang SMB lagi tu din! Woohoo! So, coming back to the main point. Masa aku naik atu of-course lah aku nervous. Aku bagi salam and, get this, said "Selamat Petang!" HAHA, it was morning wah! Apparently the audience ketawakan aku according to c Dino and Heng hahahahaha.. Baik jua aku inda sadar, kalau inda hancur berderai tu ucapanku hahahhaa... Sekali lapas atu aku address the Menteri.. He was very resposive wah, iatah then aku rasa relax sikit. Lapas atu aku congratulate everybody. Masa ani I looked out for my friends amongst the audience so that aku sounds more genuine. Easiest to spot among all is of course, Dino with his head sticking out trying to take a clearer view of me hahahahahahah.. So, I pretty much dedicated that congratulatory part to any friends that I spotted and I actually smiled when I saw c Zudin. HAHAHA, cali yoo!

Then I moved to the main content of my speech. Its a terribly risky one cause it undoubtedly does sort of undermine my credibility as the representative of the award recipients. I won't tell you what it is, just wait for tomorrow's newspaper hahaha.. Honestly, when I wrote the speech, I was contemplating whether or not to change my main point. However, I figured, even I know that I am not the most deserving student to be chosen for the role and that its a point that I really want to point out to the younger generations. I mean, I did a mistake and I really really hope that they won't repeat the same mistake. So, in the end, I decided to go ahead with the speech as I believe (and I truly hope) that it will be worth it. So I went ahead and tried VERY hard to get it across.. Did I succeed? I dunno, ZUDIN COMMENT SINI! hahaha..

So after the speech, then terima anugerah and got another one sijil! haha, now thats 7 already! Remember, at the start of the holiday I was aiming for 8 :P.. Sekali masa ambil sijil, Pehin cakap "Dimana kau belajar becakap cematu atu lai? Bagus..." HAHAHA, I was so thankful masa ani. Then he proceeded to the usual questions like which unis and what course and what scholarship. TUrun and duduk sekajap pastu kana tarik and kana suruh makan with Menteri, Timbalan Menteri, Ketua Pengarah and Pengarah2 Emm-Ooo-Eee.. Gila yo, awkward wah! haha, sikittt ganya kami makan. And I noticed that the Menteri did not really communicate with me as much as the others. Perhaps he does not quite agree with my point, but hey its okay. Or maybe he's out of questions. There's not much you can ask about some one you do not know so I just talked with the Timbalan Menteri. Sekali aku lupa address diriku as Peramba wah dapan ia, tapi ia macam nada jua.. Takut ku pulang eh haha, tapi he told me one secret which shall be our secret forever hahahahahah.. Tapi ia ani cali lah..

Lapas makan, besalam-salaman and bermesra-mesra ahaha.. Setiap yang ku salam cakap "Tahniah ah ucapanmu ah" or something cematu lah. Hahaha, Alhamdulillah.. But you guys aren't really the targeted audience so.. hmm.. I can't wait to hear feedbacks from the pre-A-level students hahaha..

Pastu ikut c Zudin balik. Then tunggu C Yu Heng ambil kami dirumahnya. Pastu kami makan dimsum. Celebrate first gajiku yo! hahahah.. Then ke Giant membali barang-barang BBQ. Kami planned to use the $100 HSBC gift untuk cover all expenses. Sekali masa membayar over wah! hahaha, tepaksa th durang menambah. Aku ada bawa pulang duit labih, yang lebih dari mencukupi tapi since durang lain offered to tambah ku biarkan saja.. Inda jua ku rugi kan haha..

And the BBQ was a tremendous success! hahaha, tapi I am tired already.. Telampau banyak yang kan diceritakan pasal the BBQ so aku give up haha.. Ill leave the task to the others. Tapi ani paling ramai attendees lah! Aku, Zudin, Yu Heng, Solon, Ivy, Elaine, Bahzi, Deejah, Ajeerah, Inarah n BF, Liyana n BF, Lonnie with Amal, Khairiyah (obviously ahahha), Khairul and c Hanisah sekajap banarrr saja. If aku ada missed anyone, comment ah!

Any way, I LOVE TODAY! :) Alhamdulillah.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010


Your view on yourself:

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Wanna know yours?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Kerana si yamin suruh aku post experieences ku for the BSP assesment centre i will do so.(I will follow any suggestions from him as long as bukan yang nada-nada.) Summary nya, experiences ku sebiji, semacam, secocok yang si yamin blogkan sereatu. THE END. Hahahahaha. Nadawa.
It was a Friday when a certain Hafis Hafzan called me during maghrib. When he first called, he mentioned something about wanting to tell me something important but i accidentally lost grip of my home phone and hafis was no more. Luckily he was persistent and called for the second time and this time he got to tell me the true purpose of his call which was about BSP ASSESMENT CENTRE.(it was quite the surprise when he called for the second time as i was not too close as friends with him and ‘normal’ people would not even think twice to call a person who hung up on them)
On Tuesday, we were to go to Bukit Shahbandar at 2:00pm and wait for a vehicle of some sort to transport us to an apartment in which we were to stay for the night.We were suppose to bring two formal dresses for dinner in which we were to meet the accessors for the first time and for the assesment centre the following day. Tool such as soap, toothbrush, towel, casual cothes were also a must as they were not amongst the things prepared by BSP. We were also told that after finishing the assesment centre, we would be transported back to Bukit Shahbandar. At that moment i was super duper excited as i have never been INVITED for a scholarship selection process before. I swore that the past this time i will be succesful unlike my MINDEF selection process last year in which i performed poorly and as i predicted, failed with flying colours.
After the phone call, i was called by the true BSP informer and i took into account of some of the things that i did not understand before. I also asked if YAMIN was one of the people to be invited for the assesment centre. After the call ended, i resumed my job of doing nothing as was doing exceptionally well when my brother called me that someone was on the phone for me. It was obviously yamin and he briefed me about his mischevous trick in which he stretched the truth and told BSP that he was considering taking CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. He also told me how the information giving person offered him to let two people stay in the same room if he/yamin was afraid. That was obviously a joke which i played along to as i have always did with my life. NADAWAH. Tantulah ku ketawa sal ia tarus-tarus cakap cematu.
On Tuesday afternoon we gathered at Bukit Shahbanndar. I came second ahead of the rest there and i was surprised that the driver who was told to send us was about an hour early. I waited for everyone to come and to my surprise i knew all of them and ‘them’ are Yamin, Hafis, Adibah, Yusatikah, akuuuu. And we were off to BSP and on the way we picked up a girl from SMSO(i do not know what this abbreviation means) and her name was Candy. Though her name represents the sweetest creation that man has made, to me she is not like what candy is all about as she always put on a sour face. Though i think it was because she does not know anyone of us it is not wrong to smile at times. Ane memenjang marung mukanya. Tapi ane perasaan ku lah and i do not expect other people to share my opinion and aku lupa mention another fact mengapa tanggapan ku arah ia ane tatap cemani which is because aku inda berkesempatan meluangkan masa bercakap sama ia. Si yamin ada kesempatan ane sal yamin, dibah and candy was the last group untuk do in-tray and proposal sa time makan and sesi duduk-duduk deorang dapat berceritalah.
Sudah sampai di sana, kami ambil kunci bilik kami and selepas bersusah payah menitis air mata, peluh dan darah akhirnya kami sampai ke bilik kami and ini adalah kerana urang yang sangat baik membagi tau kami dimana bilik kami atu yang mukanya cam cina tapi cakap melayu cam urang brunei tapi mengakun mukanya cam phillipine. Sudah sampai kami pun strip down and pakai baju rumah and seluar pendek, kami buat macam rumah sendirilah...astro nya astro max and it was the first time i heard of that kind sal aku ane bak kata pepatah katak dibawah tempurung. Satu yang kami bertiga lelaki had in common was the unevitable, important and life/death situation was that we were HUNGRY. Dinner with the assessors ws to be held at 7.00pm and it was about 3 hours to go. Luckily i briught enough drinks for everyone even if it only shut our mouths for a few minutes before curses were thrown at each other. The apartment was had 8 rooms, a living room, a dinner table, ASTRO MAX, coat hanger, kitchen, INDIVIDUAL TOILETS, INDIVIDUAL AIR CONDITIONING, iron table plus the iron, MICROWAVE, the silverwares were arranged in such a way that it looked FANCY. To put it short the accomodation was perfect. Period.
We then met 3 students from SMSA which was another unknown school to me and the students representing SMSA was Syu’aib, younger brother of Ayyub who is one of the SULTAN SCHOLAR RECIPIENTS, Khalaf a nice person who is extreamly friendly and Yeong my saviour for which the reasons why i called him my saviour will be explained later. We ate at 8:30 WHICH WAS OVER AN HOUR PAST THE SUPPOSED DINNER TIME and all of us ate like wild animals by the time we were allowed to eat. I did not remember what we ate but what i did remember was the fact that each and every dudes plates were full of food(FOF for short) kerana ane bukan bulan puasa so kami ikut lah geng kami yang bernama hawa nafsu. Then aku, yamin and hafis kana bawa oleh kaka si yamin sal si yamin dari patang dah mengadu kelaparan rah kakanya, we bought unnecessary stuffs for example milo sekutak, popcorn yang inda berasa, kiddy food yang si kumin bali, kerupuk, a masam tasting food yang si yamin teseliur akan tapi in the end jadi makanan samut. Terima kasih kerana melanja kami...bahagia tidur ku malam atu unlike yamin and hafis. Yamin punya alasan was katilnya bebau, si hafis antah mengapa ke dorm bini2 ta pulang main card. Aku cam biasa bernafas melalui mulut so hidungku off lah and my sense of smell was switched to off, iatah aku tidur mati malam atu not to mention katilnya rasanya macam awan.
The next day was the BIG DAY. We started with group discussion and my team consists of aku, Yeong and Yusatikah(AYY team). Each of us were HOD of different departments of a well known hospital famous for its excellent services. The scenario was that the hospital was given a $350,000 dollars budget in which we the team members were to convince each other why the equimpments that we were supposedly considering to buy was useful and at the end agreeing at the best possible outcome to maximise the use of the given budget and it was at this exercise that yeong excelled the most(from my point of view) as he was the one who invited me and yus to talk, give the most convincing of reasons why his equipment was to be bought and most importantly continue talking in moments where me and yus were out of ideas and were about to give up to the silence. I did participate a bit here and there though so i gave the exercise a rating of 3/5 based on my performance while yeong was 5/5 and yus a bit low 2/5. In the end we decided to buy the cardiovascular monitor of yeong and hydrotheraphy pool by myself as it was both of us who gave the most convincing of reasons at that time.
Next was in-tray which was labelled as the hardest by the past sucessful BSP scholars. I realised at this point the true reason why i even came to the assesment centre which way to atone for my mistakes of failing the mindef selection process; the last mindef selection process indeed traumatised me as i keep repeating the points during the process which i had performed my worst and as you know i am an ‘over-exageratting’ person and usually even normal mistakes seems bigger and more treacherous which was why it was important for me to do it right for the BSP selection process. During the BSP thing i even shared my experiences to the acessors for reasons that even i am not sure of. The in-tray part went very well only because the chinese acessor kept repeating and giving me clues for me to cover my answers with great detail and thus make my performance better and also the reason why i rated my performance for the exercise 4/5. The proposal question that i chose was about improvements that Brunei should implement to face future floodings. During the 45 minutes preperation time, i had numerous good ideas and so i did exceptionally well in presenting my ideas but it was the question and answer session that i did not enjoy the most. The acessor who looked bruneian but spoke british-english but named collin ibrahim asked plenty of confusing questions and since i strongly believed that my brain was over exhausted from brain storming for ideas since eary morning the answers i gave him were rather inadequate to an extent that i had to make him repeat his questions, use his replied to make the same point and take a number of short peeks into the improvement suggestion ideas that i had wrote. I rated myself 3/5 for the exercise.
In the end we were briefed of our performance and my weakness incudes that i spoke too quickly which i believe was from the group discussion since i was quite nervous at that time, i should try to involve/provoke/bring other quite people to also talk also from group discussion, i should alos try to think of the people when suggesting ideas for improvements which was definately from the proposal. The rest of my weakness i forgot because i tried to reminence the exact point where my weakness shows everytime each weakness was told and so i couldn’t remember where i did that weakness so i did not hear what the rest of my weakness was. My strengths was i had good ideas, i gave good convincing reasons which i assumed was from group discussion, i was creative in which i drew what my ideas were for the proposal. The rest i forgot as i was exhausted that i forgot how to listen properly.
Si yamin ku tanya cam nada ganya bunyinya for eg strengths yang ia membagi tau which was ideanya innovative. Atu ganya wa then time BCTA banyak tia bagitau nya. Panat banar anak atu. Hahahahaha. So this is the end of this post. Kami balik on patang Wednesday lapas abis assesment centre and on Friday kana call. Ia tanya dulu ‘if kau dapat mindef sama BSP mana satu kau mau?’ supaya nyaman hatinya aku cakap BSP and only then aku kana bagitau that aku pass assesment centre. Then two days ago kana telefon aku uleh BSP 3 kali. First hilang connection, second pun sama jua hilang connection sal time atu aku keraja rah bank and bilik atu nada service: akhirnya ia pun sampai membagitau aku if aku mau BSP or mindef for the second time. Time atu aku un nda tau mana satu kan ku pilih tapi at this time aku rasa kalau aku pass mindef selection process, aku ambil mindef tapi if aku nda dapat mindef then aku ambil BSP. Hopefully lurus decision ku ane. Amin. Amin. Amin. Min mun kau ada suggestion bek ta kau bagi tau aju esuk tome abseilling ah. So aku habis dah benda kan ku cakap. THE END.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

First time memblog. hehehehe. iski ku ne.

EXPERIENCE KU YANG DETAIL UNTUK BCTA.(mun ia buring buleh dikatakan spam ne)
Since aku nada keraja(ada pulang) aku kan mencubalah memblog ane. Ane si Dino.

BCTA fasa dua is all about proper kawat training for the national day and since me and yamin plus friends joined BCTA under the title belia, we had to train for 3 weeks lead by the tentera udara men. Training was hottttt but fun. Lawa wah if kami semua bekawat and rata cara tane bejalan. Iski ku time atu. Track suit then kana bagi arah kami warna hijau muda. Lawa pulang warnanya tapi saiz basar. Semua urang nda ngam saiznya. Yang badannya kurus karing dapat L. Tapi syukurlah sal at that time aku dapat dua dah baju free sal aku ikut fasa satu from which aku kana bagi tracksuit warna merah mebara.
22 aribulan ialah tarikh start camping luar rumah for belia yang ikut fasa 3. Macam2 ku bawa untuk seminggu camping including bantal(and bau nya yang menyenangkan), sependet(6 or 7 pasang), sleeping beg, baju and seluar sports dan sebagainya. On that day hanya ada satu perkataan yang buleh mendescribe suasana hari atu. Chaos. Solon kali punya pasal bah. Firstly aku ke sekulah sama c heng kononnya kan ngantar hecas. Tapiiiii salah hecas kami. Then ngambil kawanku c pijul dari rumahnya and vroom tarus ke perkampungan sukan. Thank You heng and congrats dapat kraja.
That day bersambung dengan kedatangan urang2 dari Kuala Belait, Temburong and Tutong. Aher deorang datang ah. Reporting time pukul 9 deorang datang kul 1030. Janji melayu tah banar. Then briefing. The briefing which i totally forgot about was completely and utterly useless. Period. Sal alum jua kami dapat bilik and simpan barang kami. Kami then had lunch and sembahyang zohor ramai2. Pastu malangnya briefing lagi pi at atleast yang ane siuk. Kami kana bagi ceramah uleh pakar namanya cikgu haji(nda salah kulah ia haji) Aliyusri. Ceramah nya personally aku rasa sangat berguna. Macam2 info dari experiencenya yang ia pakai untuk menyampaikan ceramahnya. I like toh. Nama title motivational talknya ‘NEGARA KU’. It was excellent sampai aku nda terasa wah 2 and a half hours ia beceramah.
Only then kami kana bagi kunci. Kami kana bagi like 15 mins untuk siap masuk bilik, mandi, pakai baju cara melayu and off we went to SOAS mosque to do our maghrib prayers and membaca doa kesyukuran sempena hari kebangsaan. It was crazy deorang punya time limit ah. Yang nada-nada wah. Pi at least aku dapat masuk ke masjid SOAS which was my first time. Urang Brunei apakan aku ane. Tsk tsk tsk. Selesai sembahyang from which aku first time becakap sama c Haji Zul kawan c yamin yang sering ia panggil aku by, kami balik ke perkampungan sukan and tarus tukar baju sal kan buat last minute kawat atas arahan jawatan kuasa tinggi sal kawat kami pada hari sabtu sebelumnya nda memuaskan hati. Alhamdullillah malam atu lawa sangat sangat kawat kami. Bangga ku malam atu. Then makan malam kul 10 and then ke bilik.
Oh yeah, aku lupa introduce character yang memainkan peranan penting daam BCTA ane. Namanya ashraff pi kana panggil ‘wan’ and ia sukarelawan untuk mengjaga kami for national day only. Hari atu kami dah puas kana teriaki uleh ia untuk mengambil kunci bilik, time briefing in which kami kana suruh diam balik2. Malam atu aku bagas mandi and kan tetidur udah. Bilik ku aku share sama David(Tutong), Jimy(Tutong), Yusof(KB), Alvin(KB) and Shahrin(KB) yang bernombor 201. Kan tidur dah kami then ada tia ia beteriak-teriak suruh buka kunci pintu kami ah. Gila, mental wa kawan2 ku ah. Pastu cam nada gi tu tanyanya or should i say teriakinya ”SUDAH KAMU TIDUR?” “BANAR KA INDA TIDUR ANE?”. Aku lupa mention yang eventhough ia lelaki, ulah nya lembut sikit. Sorry wan if kau tebaca ane even if chances kau tebaca blog ane one in a million. Iatah cuba kamu bayangkan kana kacau leh Pundan time kau kan tidur bagas seharian buat activiti. Gila. Aku diam2 pulang tapi kawan2 ku atu bah abis deorang memaki hamun c wan. Semua kali mengikut gaya P-nya supaya nyaman hati deorang. Ketawa ku mendangar impersonation deorang atu. In fact, kedengaran wah semua lelaki arah flat atu memaki hamun, menghina, mengucap and mempersendakan ia. Pi akhirnya tidur aku jua...even if esuk paginya kul 4 kana teriaki lagi sekali uleh si wan untuk bangun. And aku lupa mention aku tidur pukul 1 dimalamnya.
23 February 2010
Bangun pagi tarus mandi tapi inda pakai sabun. Mangapa kamu tanya? Salllll tinggal wa sabun. Antah cemana aku tetinggal sabun. So ertinya malam sebelumnya and pagi atu aku mandi nda besabun. Baik jua nada badas and lain2 fungi rah badanku ane. Kami pun then memakai tracksuit hijau plus seluarnya plus gloves plus tupinya and berangkat ke surau lu untuk sembahyang subuh. Nda ramai lah yang ikut sal nda ‘fit’ aku assume lah, meaning alum bangun dari tidur rohani deorang even if badan dah bergerak ke surau. Selesai sembahyang and breakfast, kami pun berangkat ke yayasan. That day hujan so semua urang gembira sangat sangat. Persembahan kawat kami pun sangat sangat lawa sampai kana bagi standing ovation(lurus ka ejaannya ah?). Abis kami bekawat, kami pun balik kononnya kan sambung tidur buttttt c wan sama ajk2 yang inda berperikemanusiaan(over) menyuruh kami ke dewan untuk briefing. Kami pun kana tempatkan ke daerah yang patutnya kami aga. Yang ke Tutong lelakinya Aku(BM), Yamin(BM), Amin the ketua kampong(BM), Zulkhairi(kawan yamin) aka ustaz(BM), zulfakry aka aji(Temburong), Dzul(BM), Irfan(Temburong), Rushdidi(Temburong), Hadi aka meme(BM), Hamdillah(BM), Yussof(KB), Sarwin(BM), Azizan(KB), Charles(KB), Azmierul(KB), Majid(KB), Nicholas(KB), Bob(BM), Uping(KB), Faisal(BM), Danial(BM), Faiz aka bilal(BM) and Edmond(KB).
Patang 23/02/2010
Kami sampai ke ‘resthouse’ kami which was a one storeyed house. Kami mengampaikan beg dalam rumah and then tarus chow ke dewan kemasyarakatan. Sana tejumpa kami bini-bini belia yang kana hantar ke Tutong sama kami. 12 urang ganya and aku lupa nama some of them sal deorang sangat pendiam and pasat deorang blend in rah backgroung sampai aku nda sadar deorang ada di sana. Possibly aku teignore deorang sal ada dah dangan ku becerita which includes Yamin, Zul, Faisal, Danial, Faiz and Amin. Anilah urang2 yang ku rasa aku paling banyak cakap sama. So moral paragraph ane ialah aku nda tau nama semua kontingen belia bini-bini yang ke tutong. Sorry. Hehehehe
Patang atu kami belatih kawat dalam keadaan yang sangat panas. Maklum, hari sudah petang. Basically sama lah jua kawat ane sama kawat for hari kebangsaan tapi mesti cakap ‘up’ saja. Lapas atu kami makan rah pusat Belia where aku jadi dinner lady (since ia malam) iaitu aku di tugaskan membagi nasi. Urang lain incharge membagi ayam and so on. Yang dapat ku pelajari malam atu ialah bini2nya sekubit ganya nasi deorang. Iatah time aku membagi nasi rah deorang balik2 ku bising lah mananya deorang ‘cukup tu wah?’ or ‘bediet kau ka?’. Si yamin tau tu mengapa kalilah and i think ia ada something to do with kalau makan nasi bagi jubur basar. Luruska tu?

Then balik tarus ku mandi. Entah mengapa aku mau mandi awal tapi baik jua lah. Wait. Ahh. Now i remember. Sebelum kami ke Tutong mama ku ada membagi sabun. Hahahahaha. Iatah aku begagas kan mandi. Alhamdulillah segar jua rasa dan bau badan ku. Malam atu kami tidur rah ruang tamu pasal di bilik kami nada airconditioner. Kami angkat semua katil yang ada and ampaikan rah bilik tamu. Yang tidur di sana aku, amin, paiz, aji, uping, faisal, ustaz zul, yamin and danial. Ada pulang kelompok lain yang tidur rah bilik tamu atu tami kami inda betamu at first sal alum kenal iaitu urang2 belait si charles, nicholas, majid, azmierul sama edmond. Yang lain tidur rah bilik yang ada katil sendirilah.batah kami mencuba kan tidur tapi...ndamau. Since tidur nda mau so kami resort to beulah lah and mengacau urang for eg kacau si yamin by balik2 panggil namanya sampai ia manjawab(more likely menyumpah), kacau si ustaz pasal si hanim which was gf nya(handal jua imam2 sekarang ane...pandai tia udah begf), kacau ustaz pasal bantal buruknya( siuk mengacau malam atu), mendangar si amin iaitu ketua kami mengacau si Uping yang basar sikit badannya and lemah-lembut sikit. Siuk pulang mendangar si Amin mengacau si uping tapi yang inda siuknya ialah melimpang between si amin and si uping. Kalau si amin mangacau, si uping ane kan mengampas si amin balik. Dalam lebih kurang 3 occasion kepalaku yang kana ampas sal si uping malas bediri so ia ampas ja kami dua. Inda pulang sakit ia mengampas tapi ia mengampas was macam ia menstroke muamu. Caranya menstroke muka lagi lembut. Naik segala buluku. Iatah ku pindah malam atu. Akhirnya barutah ku dapat tidur. Tapi conclusion malam atu ialah si uping atu ‘P’ macam si wan and siuk lah di kacau.
Aku lupa mention yang kami kana suruh hafal satu lagu patriotik. Ane liriknya.
Disini kami dilahirkan
Disini kami di besarkah.
Tanah air ku makmur aman
Kurnia dari Tuhan

Taat setia janji kita
Berdaulat raja dan ugama
Segera membangun maju jaya
Budaya nusa bangsa

Pancaroba....kita gempur
Musuh bangsa....kita tempur
Biar jasad bertabur
Berjuang jangan mundur
Namamu kian masyhur

Sumbangkat bakti kita semua
Bersatu padu penuh setia
Tanah air ku makmur jaya
Kekal selamanya.

Atu saja yang ku ingat. Lurus ka min? Kami kana bagi less than 24hours untuk hafal lagu atu. So outcomenya pada 24/02/2010 hancurlah.
Kami berkawat dalam keadaan hujan(alhamdulillah) and time nyanyi ckp ajk kami menyanyi macam untuk diri sendiri saja. Infact aku admit yang aku lupa wah lirik ah. Padahal aku jua yang dimalam majal menyanyi saja sampai kana sumpah leh si yamin.(aku nda tau mengapa ia menyumpah ganya kerajanya. Hahaha)
Pas siap kawat rah dewan, kawat lagi rah pekan Tutong and lapas siap kami kana antar ke pantai untuk bersedia kan kawat lagi. Kami kana bagi makan and ada satu kueh atu nyaman wah. And manis. Si yamin pun cakap nyaman and then malangnya ia tambah lagi ‘nyaman pulang tapi bagi jubur basar’. Semua makanan ka membagi jubur basar? Iatah kejadian punggung ku ne? Mati eh. Kami sampat mainkan si zul sal everytime makanan makuk mulutnya batah ia mengunyah. Iatah ku kira kan and since hari atu kami mainkan ia lah.
Then bekawat lagi dari pantai sampai ke masjid penanjong. Kawat kami ikut lagu barney. Bunyinya cemani. Kri nana kri. Kri nan kri. Kri nan kri nan kri nan kri. La la la la la la la la la la laaaaa. Kri nan kri nan kri nan kri. Dalam irama lagu barney lah ah. Urang yang mengajar kami kawat malu wah, iatah everytime kami melintas sekulah kami kana suruh nyanyi lagu patriotik supaya hilang malunya. But then time kami menyanyi lagu patriotik atu ada ku tedangar kanak2 skulah cakap ‘kesian jua kamu ane eh’. Tau ya yang kami inda ikhlas menyanyi lagu ah. Patangnya kami kana bagi ceramah leh haji jumat iaitu ketua kampung Penenjung. Presentationnya macam report wah. Ia ex cigu so cara ia beceramah pun macam mangajar ie balik2 ia merepeat and tanya if paham or inda. Buring. Then ketua PERDA membagi ceramah. Bulehlah daripada haji jumat atu. Hahaha. Balik rumah kami besiap kan sembahyang + bedikir but sebelum kami jalan ada tia parents ku. Aku pun balik. Rupanya malam atu deorang kana ceramah 3 jam. Untunglah aku balik.
Dah siap test time pagi dari pukul 8.30-12.00. Balik rumah lipat baju ku and yamin. Si yamin bekirim mencuci bajunya so aku cucilah dimalam. Alasannya spendetnya tinggal satu ja and ia bawa empat ja untuk seminggu camping. Panat ta banar. Pi nda apa2 lah. Aku kan jalan ke Tutong pi mama ku suruh singgah lu sal sepupu sekali ku meninggal. Barat tarus hatiku kan sambung camping. Bek jua ada alasan kukuh iaitu baju si yamin. Patang aku sampai pukul 4.00pm ++ and rupanya aku miss aktivity games time pagi and patang. Deorang siap dah menolong mengutip sampah rah kawasan pantai and mengemas kawasan rumah seorang penghuni kawasan penenjong. Handal deorang atu. Malam kami bedikir. Happy ku time atu sal sampai jua hajat ku kan bedikir. Berapa tahun dah ku inda ikut bedikir. Siuklah malam atu sampai sarut suara ku. Ada gi urang hal ehwal masjid mengajar kami lah sikit irama lama time bedikir. And also kami tejumpa cikgu Saiful yang pernah menjaga kami time PRYNSA. Ia gtau yang ane ia dah ada anak seorang and ia keraja rah BSP. MIN, OMEN TU MIN UNTUK MENGAMBIL BSP. Hahahahaha.
Kami mengantuk and suara sorang2 macam baru puberty meaning karau. Kana bawa tah kami untuk memecah ais yakni sesi suai kenal. Lurus ka inda tu apa yang ku buat atu. Siuk jualah time malam atu. Ada jua yang menangis, ada yang berani confess besigup, ada yang komplen sal jamban nda be air, si uping menangis lah pi lupa ku pasal apa and mostly kenal lebih baik sikit lah urang2 yang jarang becakap. Then kami ketandas and by the time masuk balik ke bilik perkumpulan, ada tia sesi peluk memeluk. Antah nda ku tau mengapa pi ok jua lah sal aku pun join saja tia. And the thing is at that moment terasa tah ku yang sorang2 inda lagi ambung and diam2. Semua macam friendlly. Yang mukanya ganas pun masih stay ganas pi makin becakap lah. Bini2nya nda ku tau mengapa deorang menengis. Yang ku ingat si yamin mana ikut tu time kami hugging atu. Di luar ya. And on the way balik laju ia bejalan. Aku assume ia anti social sama grumpy lah malam atu. Pi esuknya ok tia ia.
Malam atu kami jalan kaki ke resthouse. Halfway there belari tia si Yussof. Takajut kami. Kami buring and batah dah inda belari so kami pun ikut. Sampai rumah barutah ku kana bagitau yang si Yussof lari sal ia ‘tenampak’. Paham ka? Mun nda paham usahakanlah sendiri. Pi malam atu aku high so aku nda kisah lah pasal hal-hal cematu. Arah rest house atu kami pun start main game. Nda ku tau namanya game atu tapi siuk. Thank you AJK Hilmi sal mengajar kami game atu. Walaupun ia mula-mula serious saja mukanya rupanya very cool and sporting. Kami manipulate game suci atu dengan bertarus makanan yang deorang manangkan tadi ie gula-gula, coklat and roti. Game ane kana isytihar halal uleh ustaz kami sendiri and ia pun main malam atu. Main pointnya siuk lah malam atu. Mula-mula manang basar wah imamnya, nyaman ketawanya. Keluar tanduk nya sepasang and ekor. Tapi pas ia kalah, kembali tia ke jalan yang betul. Hahahahaha. Then aku ngalih so kami rah katil and aku ada jua lah kacau si yamin. Ada ya menjawab pi macam menyumpah jualah bunyinya. Aku ketawa ja. Siuk wah sama kawan ane. Then inda lama keluar si amin and ia pun minta toong buat speechnya untuk majlis penutup pagi karang. Baik jua ada AJK Hilmi sal ia born-leader wah. Dari damit dah ia jadi ketua macam-macam perbadanan including MP. So ia ja yang truly menolong si amin, aku sama ustaz zul macam berpura-pura jadi useful sajalah untill suddenly mataku tetutup and aku tertidur kerana mendangar melodi tidak indah dengkuran si uping. Hahahahaha.

Last day rah Tutong and then kami ke games village sampai 28th. Pagi atu semua bangun aher sebab kami tidur start kul 3 am. Bangun pagi, cuci muka, barus gigi and kami off ke masjid penanjong untuk merasmikan hari terakhir kami di Tutong. Aku realise yang aku start day becakap sama urang2 yang aku mula2 inda biasa dengan. Siuk lah deorang atu banarnya. Lapas abis kami balik and mandi untuk sembahyang jumaat. Seperti biasa time khutbah kami tidur except aku yamin and ustaz zul. Kuat iman kami. (amin). Then kami balik ke Games village.
Panjang post ku ane... tapi its only because aku masih lagi terasa wah what i felt during those times sampai excited ku as aku memberitau every detail yang ku ingat. It soothes my soul. Apakan tu. Then time belia yang bergerak ke KB, Temburong and BM alum sampai kami pun belatih cheers. Firstly aku pikir cheers ane mengarut and nonsense wa. Then malam tiba lapas kami makan and kami buat cheer off. Cheer kami rugged and very strong tapi bini2nya mau labih2 wa (i have to say). Deorang mau cheer kami precise and very accurate. Then lapas KB membalas kami dengan cheers bertalu-talu barutah semangat kompetetive kami keluar. Unique giler wa cheers deorang. Ada pancing cheer and goyang cheer at first. Pastu macam2 keluar macam star wars cheer and yang paling berani sekali ashraff cheer where deorang mimic secara open gaya lemah-lembut si wan untuk menyuruh diam. Cali berabis sampai si wan pun ketawa ayu wah.
Patang atu secara tiba2 si yamin hilang sal ia balik. Not actually ia hilang tapi kami tetinggalkan ia sal kami kan masuk bilik. Hehehe. Sori min ah. Then barutah ku terasa lah si yamin nada sal ada tia masa where aku inda becakap sama urang and biasanya aku cakap sama ia sal ia cam always open to talk to. Tapi since aku bukan emo aku blend lah sama urang KB and rupanya deorang baik2 lah eventhough muka deorang ganas2 and bibir lagi hitam sal besigup saja and deorang baru year 9 which is form 3. Gila deorang atu tapi baik2 hati deorang lah(at least arah ku).
Kami ikut maulud nabi tapi aku ikut yang special sikit which is belia yang kana stationed belakang His Royal Highness. Kami banarnya kana suruh melakat belakang Sultan supaya urang ramai inda masuk sukahati pi directly lapas keluar padang SOAS kana serang wa spot kami ah. The whole way kami either power walk or jog supaya te keep up sama Sultan. Lapas abis semua kami mandi paluh wa. Baju lagi cara melayu so melakat lah rah badan menampakkan segala lamak-lamak and musel-musel kami. Patang kami menyanyi. Inda cool sal suaraku karau berabis.
Malam atu bejanji kan tidur rah bilik si Amin sal 3 hari beturut-turut dah tidur sama-sama. Then kami main ‘game’ kami. Siuk and anitah the reason mengapa suara ku alum baik sampai hari ane i assume. Iatah aku bising sampai satang wa AJK menyurh kami diam sal semua urang complain. Hahahahaha. Bangga ku time atu tapi kedapatan lah aku yang bising the most sal time aku eksen suruh deorang damitkan suara, suara ku ganya yang karau kan mati. Aku balik ke bilik and tidur.
Kami perform untuk majlis penutup. The end. Ngalih dah ku menaip. Min, panjang ah post ku. Tapi siuk lah. At least sini memori-memori ku akan sentiasa terpahat and di ingati. Aku lagi pelupa so aku rasa lain kali baik tah aku buat blog eventhough menaip ane memakan banyak masa sal aku mau every detail yang aku rasa/ingat untuk ada.
• Aku jumpa kambar ku. Aku inda perasaan pulang yang muka kami sama tapi urang lain cakap cematu so aku layan saja.
• Aku naik pickup untuk kali ke dua. First was time mengantar coffin niniku and ia untuk dikuburkan.
• Aku mandi inda besabun untuk sehari
• Aku makan 6 meals a day
• Aku becakap sama semua guys which is biasa dah.
• aku tidur akhir memanjang
• aku cuci baju pakai tangan. Oh wait, bukan baju...sependet
• aku masuk masjid SOAS
• aku bedikir
• aku jumpa sir saiful
• aku belajar irama dikir lama
• aku dapat adik2, abang2 and kaka2 angkat baru.
The End